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URGENT APPEAL for a Loving Home

Buster Image

My name is Buster, and the shy looking dog behind me is my mother, Roxy. We have been together since I was born eight years ago; my mother is ten years old. We had always expected to live out our days together with the family we had always known. However, things took a drastic and unexpected turn for the worse a few days ago. Our owners moved to Australia without securing a home for us, and now we find ourselves in an awful predicament.

We were handed to the neighbours we had known in passing for years; they cannot keep us. We are desperately seeking a long term foster home where we can stay together. We are both neutered, fully vaccinated and house trained. We are gentle, friendly, elderly dogs who had not expected to become homeless at this stage of our lives. We are no trouble at all, and hope that someone with a big heart could find their way clear to open their home to us. The Mid-Antrim Animal Sanctuary has kindly agreed to cover any future veterinary bills we might incur, in the hope that a home might be more forthcoming when costs are excluded.

If you think we might be the company you’re looking for or could offer us the love we so desperately want to reciprocate, please get in touch with the Mid-Antrim Animal Sanctuary and ask for John McCartney.



Please meet Hector, a neutered male Staffordshire Terrier crossbreed. Born in (approximately) 2002, Hector was rescued from the dog pound in 2005 as he was due for ‘Humane Destruction’; he has remained here ever since.

Although strong, he has a beautiful, gentle nature. Hector is quite a character, and adores the attention of both adults and older children — younger children may be too much for him, as he is a laid back gentleman who thrives on having his tummy rubbed, a procedure he could undergo all day.

His love of the outdoors, long walks and human company leave him ill-suited to life in a kennel. Ideally, Hector would flourish in an environment where his owner could spend a generous amount of time with him. Although he savours his outdoor exercise and playful antics, he would welcome the opportunity fall asleep on the sofa beside a best friend. As he approaches his autumn years he would make a perfect companion for someone in a similar age range, who loves a good walk of an afternoon with the emphasis on relaxing in the evening.

The Mid-Antrim Animal Sanctuary is in need of finding a ‘Foster Home’ for Hector. This would entail Hector becoming part of your household, a family member who lives with you full time; the only difference being the Sanctuary will cover any veterinary costs. In the event of Hector needing any dental treatment or temporary boarding the Sanctuary will make the arrangements for him, all we ask of you is to open up your home and heart to him.

Give us a call if you are interested.

Looking For Love?

Hello! I’m a neutered male jack Russell terrier, and have been christened Ronnie Barker due to my ability to express myself vocally. I will talk to anyone who will listen, so I’m looking for an attentive owner. Like most Jack Russells my size does not hinder me, and I have an enormous personality – lively and confident, with loads of energy. I’m 6 years old and desperate to find love as I have so much to give.

The New Year saw my life change completely; I had been living rough until the dog warden caught up with me. After a week, no one had shown any interest in taking me home, and I thought my time was up, ‘Humane Destruction’ loomed over me, and I had all but given up hope.

Thankfully, the kindly folk at the Mid-Antrim Animal Sanctuary managed to squeeze me into their shelter and here I am! I fit in well here, seeing myself as the Sanctuary entertainer, but I’d love the opportunity to have fun with a family of my own: ideally one with older children (as I have no time for very young ones) and an ample garden or run.

I love long walks, ball games, naps and showing off. I’m in perfect health and like to keep myself busy, mostly chasing things but sometimes burying, depending on my mood.

If you would like to be kept on your toes then you’re the one for me. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, I’ll be waiting. Perhaps you could call into the Sanctuary for a meeting to see how we get on? I’m only available between Tuesdays to Sunday from Midday until 4:30pm, I hope that suits you.

Beautiful Springer Spaniels Looking For Loving Homes


Harry is an adorable chocolate and white Springer, a neutered male of 5 years old who arrived at the Sanctuary after finding himself due for ‘Humane Destruction’ in the Dog Pound. He is very friendly and has the lively temperament associated with Springer Spaniels. Ideally Harry would suit an active owner with an ample garden or run.

Poppy is a black and white Spaniel, spayed female of three and a half years of age. Her owner became too unwell to look after Poppy so the Sanctuary agreed to take her in until a suitable home can be found. Poppy can be quiet and gentle yet is full of life and energy, craving the home life she has lost. She would make a wonderful addition to any family and deserves a second chance. (Pictured with Kennel Assistant, Miss Shelagh Gormley)

Lupo Finds a Home!


Those of you who visit the Sanctuary on a regular basis will be well acquainted with Lupo, the gentle Doberman whose leg problems had made prospective owners reluctant to home him. We're pleased to announce that his situation has finally taken a turn for the better, and he has now gone to a new loving environment. Thanks to all of you who have given him care and attention.