Become a Volunteer


Our volunteers/fundraisers are working tirelessly to help the sanctuary. Perhaps you would like to join them? Activities include:

  • helping out at the sanctuary itself
  • working in the shop
  • walking dogs
  • grooming animals
  • help with street collections
  • take a collection box for home/business
  • organized events
  • making handicrafts to sell at craft fairs
  • bake a cake for the open day

…and much more.

Whatever talent you have can be used to help animals. Perhaps you have your own suggestion? Feel free to drop us a line and let us know!

If you’re interested in volunteering at Mid-Antrim Animal Sanctuary, just come up during opening hours (12 noon to 4:30pm) and ask for a volunteer form.  You can fill this out and leave it with us.  If you are intending to Volunteer within the Sanctuary itself, you will need to attend a short induction before commencing Volunteering with us.  These take place 4 times per year and you will be advised of when the next one is.  Please note, you MUST have an up to date Tetanus Vaccination before you Volunteer with us for Sanctuary duties.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is no longer possible for those under the age of 18 years to volunteer at the sanctuary without adult supervision. While we recognise that many children do benefit from helping animals, and vice versa, we are not covered by insurance. As a charity we cannot afford to take this risk.

Those Under 18’s who wish to continue walking dogs may do so if their parent/guardian agrees to supervise the activity throughout. However, we will be able to continue to take children on work placements, arranged by their school, as it is their school’s own insurance which covers this.

We hope you understand our position, and that we will have your continued support.


Would you like to get involved?

Success of the Mid-Antrim Animal Sanctuary depends upon people like yourself. We need people who will make a difference.There are a few ways in which you can help the sanctuary.

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About us

Since we opened in April 1996 we have found caring homes for an average of 20 animals each week (over 7000 to date). They come from many sources; some are abandoned, others come to us because their owners have to go into care, some due to marital breakups, moving abroad, and others are unclaimed animals from pounds throughout Northern Ireland.

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