Commitment to care

Commitment to Care is a financial investment in our work.  Through a monthly direct debit, your donation goes directly to the care and shelter of our residents.  From as little as just £2.50 per month you can make a huge difference to the life of a dog or a cat in our care.

Our Commitment to Care givers also are entitled to free Membership of the Sanctuary, meaning you will receive our newsletters and updates along with the ability to vote at our AGM.

It’s easy to sign up – Simply fill out the Maas form and send it/hand it back to us or call into the Sanctuary and fill out a form there.

Thank you so much from all our residents!


Would you like to get involved?

Success of the Mid-Antrim Animal Sanctuary depends upon people like yourself. We need people who will make a difference.There are a few ways in which you can help the sanctuary.

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About us

Since we opened in April 1996 we have found caring homes for an average of 20 animals each week (over 7000 to date). They come from many sources; some are abandoned, others come to us because their owners have to go into care, some due to marital breakups, moving abroad, and others are unclaimed animals from pounds throughout Northern Ireland.

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