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A big thank you to all who attended our pilot Dog Ownership Training Course which was held recently over 3 Monday nights.  This was our first public course and we were encouraged to see an average of 40 people attending per evening.  It was also good to be able to welcome some people who had not visited us before – as always, everyone is welcome at the Sanctuary!

We undertook training from professionals in some key areas of dog owning with the aim of equipping us to become better and more informed dog owners or future dog owners.  It was great to see a mix of people and ages as well as some who have owned dogs for years and some who were thinking about getting a dog.
Robin in Training
The areas that we looked at were:

  •    Basic training & issue prevention/management
  •    Vets advice
  •    Grooming
  •    Nutrition/feeding
  •    Dogs and the law


Many of the trainers offered a question and answer section which gave people the opportunity to ask about issues or advice for their own situations which was very interesting and beneficial for all.  The free samples from Clinivet also went down well!  This course was offered free of charge as we were able to secure an external training grant for which we are extremely grateful.
Owing to the positive feedback we have received, we will be looking at similar courses in the future, so watch this space….

Shameless plug – the course was held in our Conference Suite which is available to hire – the proceeds of which are put directly back into the Sanctuary, making a huge difference to our residents.  Details can be had from reception or our website.

Thanks to those who attended and the Staff & Volunteers who assisted in the evenings as well as Heather for our final night cupcakes!

Lastly, a huge thank you to all our trainers who came along and donated their time free of charge to the Sanctuary:
Robin Bates – Robin Bates Dog Training Services (as pictured)
Matthew Campbell – Council Dog Warden
Jon Cockcroft – Antrim Groomers
Darren McClintock – Clinivet
John Lavery – Firmount Vets

I would encourage any dog or cat owner to keep learning about their animal either by attending courses/lectures such as these or by reading some current, up to date books.  It is good to keep up to date with current theories such as training and nutrition, as the dog world is always moving forward through challenging previous knowledge/theories and advancing with new discoveries.  Many of our professional course trainers also have to complete “continual professional development” courses/training throughout the year to keep abreast of the current thinking and practices.

All the very best
Jason Parker

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