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This is little Luka
Luka came to us in the way many dogs do, unwanted and unloved, the product of unconscionable neglect.  When Luka was first found he was in a terrible state as you can see from the photograph, his breed barely recognisable.  His little body was covered in fleas leaving him anaemic and severely underweight.  He was merely existing, roaming the streets unloved and missed by no one.  Behind those little brown eyes lie lots of untold and untellable stories of suffering and pain.  These are stories that we at Mid Antrim will probably never know the circumstances of, but on the day he was signed over to us we made him a promise. A promise that from this day onward he will only know love and kindness for the rest of his life.  We need your help to make this happen, on assessment of Luka it has become apparent that he must have a procedure referred to as a “Femoral Head and Neck Excision” performed on his left hip.  In addition to this he will need surgical stabilization on his right hip, this will be a costly procedure but we firmly believe this will significantly improve the quality of this little dog’s life and remove the pain and discomfort he is presently suffering.  Luka is currently in a foster home and after he has recovered from his surgery he will be looking for his forever home with a 5 star family, could that be you and your family?  We are calling on all our supporters to help us give Luka this lifeline, any donation whether it be 10p, £1, or £5 it all adds up and will go a significant way to ensuring we can give this little dog the chance in life he deserves.If you do one thing this week-end please give Luka a like and share and get his story out there.  This wee man deserves it.LukaAfter2

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Since we opened in April 1996 we have found caring homes for an average of 20 animals each week (over 7000 to date). They come from many sources; some are abandoned, others come to us because their owners have to go into care, some due to marital breakups, moving abroad, and others are unclaimed animals from pounds throughout Northern Ireland.

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